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Welcome to the Traveller's guild website weary wanderer.  The web is surely larger than the arduous lands of Arborea...

However we welcome you all the same.

Our guild is built with 'casual' at it's heart.  It is meant to provide a no-stress no-mess environment for all of it's members.  Casual, to me as guild leader, means that you can come and go as you please, you can attend, or not, you can lead, or follow.  It is really what you put into it, what you may get out of it.  We are here to make friends, explore new lands, role play, level, and form a community.

The Traveller's Guild, is made up of many individuals, with as many different backgrounds as there are colors in Arborea's landscapes.  We will seek out lands far and wide, finding what others haven't, helping those that are on the Path, just as we were once helped by others before us.  We will present ourselves indifferently to all who have come before us, for a traveller takes no side in the differences of others.  We accept all race and genders, as they were intended, unlike the Gods before us.
  Our passion is to the Path,  and the winding, circling road that covers the continents of Arborea.

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